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Krista + Keith | high school sweethearts [SDE]

Krista + Keith were high school sweethearts. Several years later after some time apart Krista still knew she wanted to be with Keith. She suggested they get back together for a few dates, and if it works out then they should just get married. Well apparently Keith agreed, although he later proposed properly with the perfect ring.

Amanda and I got to know Krista and Keith just before their wedding over fried risotto balls and chicken parm at Tavolino in Westboro. It was an incredible meal with an amazing couple, and they actually had their rehearsal dinner scheduled there as well. We got to know about their dog Murphy too... who as you'll see was a very important part of their day!

They were married on a beautiful May Saturday at St. Anne's church in Shrewsbury They got ready and held their reception nearby at The Beechwood Hotel in Worcester. Their wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun all day. We were also very lucky to work with Alice and her team from The Imagery Studio. They do such amazing work and are always fun to work with!

I love when couples do a "first look" before the ceremony. It is such a great moment for the couple and helps to get rid of some of the pre-wedding jitters. It also gives them an opportunity to have some great photos taken before hand (and some fantastic filmmaking opportunities if we're there) and enjoy their cocktail hour later on. In an intimate moment outside behind The Beechwood Keith got to see not only his bride in her beauitful dress (not too mention those amazing shoes) but Murphy escorted her out looking very dapper in his tux!

Enjoy their same day edit!



Margaret + Hugo | Boston same day edit

One beautiful Sunday in July Hugo took Margaret to her favorite spot in Rockport for Lobster. He then surprised her with a sunset sail on a beautiful sailboat chartered just for the two of them. Thirty minutes into the cruise as they watched the sunset from the bow of the sailboat they were very happily engaged. I picture it going something like the king of the world scene from The Titanic but I might be a bit off from how Hugo popped the question.

We got to know Margaret + Hugo just a short time before their big day but I knew immediately how amazing this awesome couple's wedding would be! Their same day edit's opening scene takes place at Emmet's - where they first met. They shared a drink there after their ceremony. They were married at The Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston which is an absolutely breathtaking church. We were lucky enough to have filmed another wedding their recently and were really excited to go back. Their reception took place 33 floors up in The State Room which is also one of our favorite venues in the city.

We were very lucky to work with Channing Johnson again for their wedding. Channing is one of my favorite photographers - his work is always amazing and he is really awesome to work with. He sees lighting, color and details in such an incredible way and it shows in his photos. Be sure to check out Margaret + Hugo's photos on Channing's blog!

Enjoy their same day edit, we are so looking forward to their feature film!



Revelation Productions @ The Biltmore

We love working with Revelation Productions, they take the experience of the wedding to the next level. They also help us out with our a/v for our same day edit presentations, and provided a beautiful display for Brittany + Roy. Here is a piece that showcases some of their work featuring the introductions and dancing at Brittany + Roy's wedding at The Biltmore in Providence.



Event Filmmaker Education

This past Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on DSLR filmmaking to the Connecticut Professional Videographers Association. This coming Monday I'll be doing the same at the New England Videographers Association (NPVA) meeting in Dedham, MA. I'll be talking about many ways to make the most out of your camera equipment as well as some of the things we do to enhance the experience our couples have when they select us to film their wedding.

There are groups like this in most major markets throughout the country, and as a current member of the NPVA I have found it incredibly helpful to share experiences and learn from other great event filmmakers in the area. If you are trying to get your feet wet in the industry or even if you are a seasoned pro, the resources these organizations offer are incredibly value, and the meetings are a lot of fun too!

If you're interested in attending our meeting this Monday, or any other month, check out the NPVA.org website for more details!