Event Filmmaker Education

This past Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on DSLR filmmaking to the Connecticut Professional Videographers Association. This coming Monday I'll be doing the same at the New England Videographers Association (NPVA) meeting in Dedham, MA. I'll be talking about many ways to make the most out of your camera equipment as well as some of the things we do to enhance the experience our couples have when they select us to film their wedding.

There are groups like this in most major markets throughout the country, and as a current member of the NPVA I have found it incredibly helpful to share experiences and learn from other great event filmmakers in the area. If you are trying to get your feet wet in the industry or even if you are a seasoned pro, the resources these organizations offer are incredibly value, and the meetings are a lot of fun too!

If you're interested in attending our meeting this Monday, or any other month, check out the NPVA.org website for more details!


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