Addie + Dave | highlights

Last night I had the opportunity to premiere Addie and Dave's feature film and highlights at their home with some of their family and friends. Normally I would send a piece of the film ahead of time but I held back everything except a 30 second teaser I posted recently. Being able to experience their reactions as they watched everything for the first time was priceless and they were definitely thrilled with the work we did. Dave used to be the lead in the band Orange Island and they both worked at Newbury Comics so needless to say their music selection was phenomenal.

I shot Addie and Dave's wedding with Mike back in September. They were married at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA which is just an absolutely breathtaking spot with some gorgeous views. There was quite a bit of anticipation over the weather leading up to the ceremony. They had their first meeting at Fruitlands about an hour before the ceremony and at that point the wind was blowing awfully hard, it was cloudy and no one knew how the weather would hold up. Well as you'll see the weather worked out beautifully and the sunlight was amazing, especially during their photo session.

Addie and Dave were also very lucky to find an incredible photographer to shoot their wedding... Channing Johnson of Channing Johnson Photography. There are certainly a lot of good photographers out there but in my opinion there are few truly great photographers and I'm not that easily impressed. Channing's work is absolutely amazing and he has an incredible eye for reading the light. You can check out some of Addie and Dave's beautiful wedding photos on Channing's blog.

Typically the highlights has some of the best shots from the film and sometimes I'll save a few shots that will only appear in the highlights. For Addie and Dave's film I actually saved the entire first meeting for the very end of the highlights (which typically plays at the end of the feature) and I built the highlights piece around the anticipation of the meeting. Enjoy...


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