Ilanna + Noam | trailer

Here is a small taste of what's to come... On November 22nd Kurt and I filmed Ilanna and Noam's wedding at the beautiful Boston Park Plaza. This was our first Jewish wedding and knowing this Ilanna and Noam certainly put a lot of trust in us... that is something I really appreciated. So once I reviewed the day's itinerary I offered to extend the coverage a couple hours so we could get some great shots of Ilanna getting ready and truly capture her wedding day. I'm sure glad I did because Ilanna got ready in the presidential suite which was breathtaking with great views of Boston from every window on an absolutely gorgeous fall day. Despite this wedding being a bit different for us I'd say the day went really smooth from a filmmaking perspective, and thanks to all the information and a DVD she shared with us ahead of time we were well prepared.

So here is something a bit different... I used the audio from the band and the introductions to open up the trailer, and since this is just the preview I didn't want to give away too much so this is more of a tease of what's to come. Enjoy!



  1. everything that i watch of yours makes me SO SO SO excited for January 30th! can't wait!!! you are so incredibly talented!
    kate toman

  2. Thanks Kate, I can't wait too! All the prep shots were done with my new Canon cameras except the time lapse.

    You don't have to comment anonymously. :) You don't need to sign up for anything to post under your name here. I certainly appreciate the kind words. Only 18 days to go!

  3. Stunning. How haven't you been gobbled up by Hollywood yet?

  4. Thanks Luke! I'm all set with Hollywood - working on a set 12 hours a day for lousy pay (unless you work your way up or do amazing work AND get very lucky) doesn't appeal to me. What happens on a wedding day is real, not something acted out or something I staged... and that is something I really love about it.

  5. Jeff...You Rock!! I love, love, love the getting ready shots. So beautiful!