Kate + Chris | a Boston winter wedding same day edit

Kate and Chris met at the Cask'n Flagon in Boston three years ago. Chris's best man was there with Kate and several mutual friends when he thought he had the perfect match for her and called Chris to come on out, which he of course did. Their friends and family knew early on they were a great match for each other and would probably soon be married. Sure enough this past Saturday Kate and Chris were married at St. Mary's church in Charlestown with their reception and the Union Club in Boston. Both of these venues were gorgeous historic 1800s buildings with an incredible amount of character, breathtaking details and New England charm.

I knew when I first met Kate that I was going to love filming her wedding. She truly connected with the type of work we do... when I asked what attracted her to us and our cinematography she said, "I love that you're not, what I've found to be... an east coast videographer. You tell a story with your movies. We want our film to be less of a rolling reel of events, and more like a movie." I couldn't have said it any better myself. :)

So when the day finally arrived on Saturday I was super excited - not only did I get to experience a beautiful wedding with an amazing couple but it was our first wedding shooting entirely with HD DSLRs to give that beautiful filmic look you can achieve with Canon photography lenses. We also shot at 24 frames per second (the speed of film) for the first time at a wedding - again to ensure even further that their wedding film had the look and feel of a movie. Kurt and I were joined by another local wedding cinematographer Mike Murray who was excited to try out a new toy he won in Austin at the recent workshop we both attended.

We worked alongside the amazingly talented destination photography Shyla Dalirifar and had some great help with their DJ Greg Hodges of 5 Star Events. It always feels great to work amongst other vendors who are passionate about what they do and I knew how excited Kate was to work with Shyla so it was awesome to see her in action. You can check out her blog to see how fantastic her work is.

So when we played their same day edit I was completely blown away by everyone's reaction and how into it all their guests were. I think its tough to convey this experience to someone who has never seen one, but taking a few minutes on your wedding day to share something unique with your guests and soak in the events of the day can be an amazing moment and something I hope stands out as one of the many highlights of the wedding day. Out of everything I do, those few minutes are what I enjoy the most, and this one was really special and I'm so happy for what my team and I were able to do for Kate and Chris. Enjoy!



  1. This was a fun wedding to shoot. Kate and Chris are great people and a pleasure to work with!

  2. I was the dj at Chris & Kate's wedding and it was my first time working with Jeff & his team. All I can say is WOW!! This group is amazing!!

    I spoke with the bride & groom several months ago when they were looking for a videographer. At the time they had a short list of east coast companies & was even considering bringing in a California based company. They just couldn't find what they were looking for - a finished product that looked more like a movie than a "wedding video".

    It's obvious, after watching the same day edit, that they found it with Jeff Brouillet. Nice work!!

  3. Jeff:

    This "Same Day Edit" is INCREDIBLE - SIMPLE EXQUISITE! You've "told a story" so beautifully! Bless you for your talent and passion that is shared with us. I know why Kate was "thrilled" when she found you!

    Many, many thanks - -
    Maryavis & Rick (mom & dad of Kate)

  4. A really great job!!! I love the song! what is the name of it!!!