Sperry Tents

A few weeks ago I headed a few hours north to a location near Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire for a night to shoot a fusion promo piece for Sperry Tents Seacoast along with the incredibly talented Boston-area photographer Mark Davidson. Mark is he has an incredible eye for natural light, is really fun to work with, and most importantly his work is really outstanding.

This tent took the crew two full days to setup, if you look closely the ground slopes about 6' from one end of the tent to the other so the flooring had to be engineered specific to the location. The end result is something that is more like a meticulously constructed work of art then your ordinary tent. You can also see another Sperry tent in some of my films from The Willowdale Estate in the recent archives.

It was so cool to see this all come together. The team worked incredibly hard and despite how hard these guys work they all had a great attitude and made it fun. Enjoy...

The soundtrack for this piece is "Hopes" (instrumental) by Derby and was licensed through with etiquette. You can also check them out on iTunes.

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