Margaux + Paul | Gibbet Hill same day edit

As the wedding season slows down there are a few weddings that I have yet to share that were really incredible for us to be part of. One of those weddings was Margaux and Paul's on the 1st of October. Margaux and Paul connected with us through their photographer Ned Jackson. I actually just had the pleasure of working with Ned again this past weekend. Not only is Ned's work amongst the best you will find anywhere he is incredibly fun to work with and will make your day that much more enjoyable. Seriously if you are looking for a photographer you should check out Ned's blog and website right away, he may be just what you are looking for and his style complements what we do incredibly well... such a treat to work with someone so incredibly talented and passionate about what they do!

So back to Margaux and Paul - such a fun couple and despite a bit of wet weather their day was still amazing and things cleared up just before the reception so they could take advantage of the beautiful Gibbet Hill backdrop for some great photos with Ned. Margaux wanted to add a screen to show a photo slideshow during dinner. Despite finding my 17" MacBook Pro screen had smashed earlier in the day we still managed to piece together a same day edit to play towards the end of the evening as a surprise (using a smaller, less mighty MacBook). The reaction was absolutely amazing, one of our best ever, and it made the last minute rush to put it all together so incredibly worthwhile.

Paul was kind enough to leave a review for us online earlier today. It was really awesome for him to do that and here's what he had to say...

I cannot say enough about the outstanding job Jeff did and we have not even received the final cut yet. I am sure I will only be updating this review with more great things when we do, but Jeff was excellent. I was not crazy about the idea of spending $$ on a videographer, but my wife really wanted the day on video. I could not imagine watching a video of this day more than once or twice, but after seeing just a small clip I know we will enjoy this for many many years to come. Jeff surprised us with the same-day-edit at the end of our reception and the 3 minute clip had my wife and I laughing and sharing tears of joy. It was like the trailer to our Big Day, simple yet so amazing. We will treasure this forever and would clearly recommend Jeff to anyone and everyone out there that is contemplating a videographer.

Thank you Margaux and Paul for giving us the opportunity to capture your awesome wedding!

Enjoy the same day edit...


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  1. WOW! Thanks for the Kudos Jeff. That's some seriously high praise! Great work. Fun to see you in action and to pull this together. I can attest to a crowd who was very moved by this film!