Domineca + Santagio - save the date

A couple of weeks ago I spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon hanging out with Domineca and Santiago in Kemah, TX at the Kemah Boardwalk. One of our wedding film enhancements is a save the date film with your love story. It really gives me a chance to get to know the couples ahead of time which helps me create a more personal wedding film and when their wedding day arrives they are typically even more comfortable around the cameras. Couples will often show it at their engagement party or send it out as a save the date reminder or with the invitation. It adds quite a bit to the couple's wedding story and on occasion we might play part of it as an intro for their same day edit.

We were also joined by Domineca's son as some of their family... they really made a great afternoon out of it. My sister Nicole assisted me and came to shoot some photos as well... she's part of my Texas cinematography team and an aspiring photographer. Typically these films are a little shorter then this one (about 3-4 minutes) but when I sat them down for the love story interview their story flowed really well. We had a chance to take some shots on some of the rides as well and when the sun went down and the lights came on the whole place looked absolutely beautiful.

I won't tell you too much about Domineca + Santiago because I think they tell it best. When you watch their save the date film you'll really get a sense of how much fun they are and their love for each other. After spending the afternoon with them I am really looking forward to their wedding and I know it is going to be a great day. Enjoy!



  1. Wow this came out amazing! If I came across it on tv (like a wedding story) I would keep watching.. great job!

  2. This is fantastic. Great work!

  3. Wow! Look what the Lord has done! So real, so beautiful, so pure, so God!