Kristy + Tony - chocolate chip cookies & a 10.10.10 wedding

If you grew up in Massachusetts you've most likely been on at least one school field trip to Old Sturbridge Village. Well apparently Kristy really likes the cookies there so that's where she went with Tony on their first date on October 10th, 2006. Four years after their first date to the day they will be married. We went back to Sturbridge Village on a beautiful fall day for their engagement session and it was so much fun!

I met Kristy while shooting a webinar for the company she works for and Kristy had a starring role... although I don't think she knew it ahead of time! It turned out that I also knew Kristy's brother from my days working for Tweeter where I think we put just about every piece of car stereo gear in his car at some point. I was assisting Anthony from Revelation Productions for the webinar shoot and we had talked with Kristy about her wedding date that day... Well several months later I had just received an inquiry for the same date and I mentioned it to Anthony and how it was too bad we hadn't heard from Kristy, and sure enough a day or two later she got in touch with us.

Kristy also booked Anthony as her DJ (perhaps some lighting too) and then I was really excited when I found out she booked Melissa Coe as her photographer. I've shot alongside Melissa before on a few occasions and we shot their engagement session together which allowed me to create a photo/cinema fusion piece for Kristy and Tony's save the date film. You can check out some of the amazing photos Melissa took for them on her blog.

When I work alongside other great vendors that I regularly work with I know the couple is going to have a great experience on their wedding day and we'll be able to do our best work. The smallest details can make a big difference... such as Anthony making sure all the cinematographers and photographers are in place before the bridal party introductions or Melissa giving me the opportunity to jump in front of her and take some cool shots during the photo shoot.

And finally one of the most exciting things about this shoot for me since I'm a big technology nerd was that this was my first opportunity to play with some new cameras. We are now shooting weddings primarily with Canon 7D cameras... a new digital SLR that shoots full 1080p HD video with the ability to throw any Canon EOS lens on and capture absolutely stunning imagery.




  1. JEFF! We can't even put into words how much we LOVE what you've done. Thank you so much :)

  2. Jeff you ROCK!!!! This is such an amazing video and I'm so excited to be working with you again in October! Can't wait!

  3. Jeff, Toronto has paid off!! Nice stuff.

    Mike Murray

  4. Another great video. Good incorporation of photos (natural light rocks!). And what a great love story! Looking forward to seeing their wedding video: 10-10-10, a very cool date to remember!